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Gundam collaboration heading in at full speed for Call of Duty: Warzone and MW3

A Call of Duty x Gundam collaboration was confirmed earlier, with a planned release date that sits right around the launch of season 4 for Modern Warfare 3 & COD: Warzone.

COD Season 4 is set to arrive on May 29th, which means there’s going to be an all-new package of fun collaborations & we’ve gotten the latest intel that indicates the upcoming season’s collaboration is the Call of Duty x Gundam crossover.

But wait, what is Gundam? 

Oops, let’s get that covered. Gundam is an iconic sci-fi franchise created by Yoshiyuki Tomino and Sunrise (Now called Bandai Namco – The famous studio behind the Tekken series), where militarised giant robots with the name “Gundam” are present in the universe.

Since its inception, there have been tonnes of episodes for the series with a sleuth of content around the concept in the form of manga, novels & video games. Gundam is a 50 Bn+ Yen addressable business opportunity in Japan, which is over a whopping $321 Mn+.

Yeah, we see you, basic anime fans. There exists an entire interesting rabbit hole of content other than the “mainstream” shows you’ve watched. 

But, why should I be excited?

Calm down, teme! Here are the details. 

This is a post that COD just posted where they ask us to expect mechanical chaos. While that isn’t a lot of information that was revealed, we do have a vague idea of what could be in store.

Based on historical collaborations we believe there is reason to expect cosmetic items, emblems, and weapon camos with character skins which are the safest bet as of now. Fingers crossed for a COD character decked out in Zeon gear or skins that look like beam rifles.

Some farfetched but fun modes could be introduced where a “mobile suit domination” like mode where teams have to fight over control points with deployable Gundams or Killstreaks could unlock powerful support options as drops such as beam strikes or a limited steam controllable mini suit!


But pulling ourselves back to reality, we noticed that in the teaser that the Call of Duty’s X account posted, a shadow of a Gundam is visible on the side of a building in Japan. 

This is to all of us nerds hoping that it is as fun as the Godzilla x Kong crossover that warped the warzone battle royale into a fun new facet. 

Stay tuned to this space to know more as soon as the new season drops and to forge the future of Gundam together and dominate your feed with classified intel drop a follow and like on Talkesport’s Instagram handle.

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