Guide to use deleted Battle Pass voice lines in Dota 2

With these hidden voice lines, you are sure to catch the entire server by surprise.

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The Dota 2 Battle Pass offers a plethora of chat wheel sounds to Battle Pass owners who can use them in the middle of a game at will. These chat wheel lines primarily consist of comedic sound effects and memorable voice lines by Dota 2 casters. However, there are some voice lines that don’t make it to the Battle Pass, but are hidden inside the game. Some of these lines don’t even have the voice included in it, but can still be used in a game to make the lines visible to the other players in the server.

Here’s how you can use these deleted Battle Pass voice lines in your Dota 2 game to catch the enemy team (and your teammates) by surprise:

1) You need to have your console enabled in Dota 2. To do this, simply open your Steam library, right click on Dota 2, click on Properties, then under the general tab you can click on “Set Launch Options” and type in “-console”.

2) Run Dota 2, then join a game.

3) Press the hotkey you have assigned to opening the console (you can see it from the settings menu).

4) Type in the following console commands to say the mentioned lines.

Command: chatwheel_say 200 Line: [All] I’m not sure what the point of that was.

Command: chatwheel_say 202 Line: Commend this man, immediately.

Command: chatwheel_say 203 Line: [All] Oh My God! Never in all my years as a caster.

That’s it, now you can use these hidden chat wheel lines at will in any Dota 2 game. However the cooldown of one minute between three consecutive chat lines still apply to these, so you can’t spam it.

None of these three chat wheel lines have sounds included in them, since they weren’t meant to be released, but the entire server can still see these “sounds” being used by you, and will surely be surprised. You can also play around with the numbers to see if you can find more of these hidden commands yourself.

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