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GTA Online average player count is higher than ever after Epic Games gave it away for free, surprising everyone. GTA V’s online mode still maintains quite a healthy player base for a 7 year old game. When Rockstar dropped the game in 2013, everyone was left in the awe of it as GTA San Andreas raised the expectation which GTA IV failed to deliver on, but GTA V was promising enough to get the fans excited.

GTA Online Winter Update Release Date

One of the many reasons why GTA still boasts their player count is the work Rockstar put in to push updates so players find new ways to enjoy their stay in the game. The next major update for winter is teased by Rockstar yet again this year however, no official release date has been confirmed, yet we can assume judging by previous years that the update will arrive in the early weeks of December.

What Is The Heist For 2020?

The winter update for 2020 will definitely bring a Los Santos covered under the snow, and few minor changes addressing the winter season, but the question that remains unanswered is about this year’s heist. The Dimond Casino Heist released on 12th December 2019 attracted a lot of players back to the game. It was a combination of thrill, synergy, and teamwork, and the players felt engaged in the process.

The 2020 update is presumed to bring new locations to the game which are not available at this point. These new locations will be introduced as a part of the latest Heist which can be inside Los Santos, within the already existing buildings, or onto a totally fresh location altogether.

Nothing can be confirmed as Rockstar keeps their secrets closely guarded, only time can attest our assumptions.

As the holiday season kicks in, Rockstar is to make changes accordingly, gifts like apparels, guns, and discount of several items are given as a part of the winter update. The city goes through a cosmetic change to embrace a Christmas theme and login rewards are handed out.

Now that Rockstar has announced major update to utilize the full potential of the next generation consoles, a visual overhaul is expected with graphics reaching new heights even for Rockstar’s standard. Exciting part being the game is set to be free for consoles in 2021, however it is rumored to be locked in 30FPS which is quite disappointing.