GTA Online Christmas 2022 Event Release Date: What We Know So Far

For the many things that Rockstar introduced in GTA during the winter season, the hype around the game gets rejuvenated. During the end of the year, we see a lot of Grand Theft Auto updates, most importantly the heist, which has been something that players look forward to every year.

The heist is at the centre of all the updates that follow most of which are winter and Christmas-oriented. All of it is mostly packed into the DLC which is called Los Santos Drug Wars for the year 2022. Said DLC has events, surprises, rewards and many more things that players can look forward to.

Every year during Christmas, Rockstar introduces an event called Festive Surprise. Just like in the real world, the GTA Online world sees several Holiday related changes including decorations, events and discounts on several items like cars and weapons.

Over the years, this has formed a big part of what we came to know as the Festive Surprise in Grand Theft Auto Online. However, for 2022, Rockstar hasn’t released it yet so we do not know what is to come, all we can do is hold out horses until it arrives.

Unfortunately, we do not know when the event starts, but it would be safe to assume that it will be here right on the edge of Christmas so.

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