GodLike Esports reveal their luxurious new Mumbai bootcamp

godlike bootcamp

GodLike Esports has upscaled their organization’s facility provision once again as they have built one of the biggest gaming houses and bootcamp in India based out of Mumbai, the heart of Indian esports.

GodLike Esports has been teasing the revelation of this new facility for the last few days as Kronten and their gamers were saying it is a state-of-the-art facility, which turns out to be true after taking a look at it.

The entire bootcamp tour is videotaped and broadcasted on GodLike Esports’ YouTube channel where Kronten starts the tour and Guru, Neyoo, Ghatak and others continue it to the very end.

The new facility is a four-storeyed building with multiple streaming setups, gaming rooms, shoot areas as well as gym, car parking and a chill cafe.

Kronten starts this tour by showing the fully equipped gym with all sorts of equipment needed for living a healthy lifestyle. He also shows the main lobby area where a huge graffiti of “Dilse GodLike” has been carved out on the wall.

The first floor is made out of multiple streaming rooms and accomodation with a special focus on Free Fire and CODM. This floor also has a huge graffiti of Jett from Valorant and the Cobra set from Free Fire.

The second floor is given entirely to the BGMI team as the roster and management live, stream and compete together. The entirety of BGMI operates from this floor. It also has some room for the Valorant streaming setup.

The third floor is called the GodLike arena which has a pool table at the centre with many seating areas and special lighting. GodLike has made this area to make the rosters feel more competitive and energetic during their tournaments.

The last floor is called a chill cafe and this is the relaxation area for all the members as they can eat, play table tennis and do other activities to wind down and relax.

This facility has certainly provided all the members with a fully functioning support where all the players can compete and play to their heart’s content without getting tired.