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Goblin Talks About His Benching From Team SouL and Mediocre Performance in BGMS Season 2

Team SouL’s star Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal recently revealed the reason for his benching from the team and the challenges faced in BGMI Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2. Goblin explained that frequent player rotations during BGMS Season 2 disrupted the team’s synergy, leading to his benching. He emphasized the need for a fixed lineup and vowed to return once in form. 

Goblin Reveals the Reason For Team SouL’s Subpar Performance in BGMS Season 2

In the recently concluded Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2, Team SouL found themselves facing an unexpected setback. Despite the immense anticipation from their loyal fanbase, the team failed to secure a spot in the grand finals by a mere 1 point. This unexpected outcome raised questions about the team’s performance and led to some crucial decisions, including the benching of one of their star players, Goblin. The decision to bench Goblin saw mixed reactions from fans and fellow players alike. Interestingly, Goblin’s benching continued into the ongoing BGIS 2023 matches.

In a recent livestream, one of Goblin’s viewers argued that benching Goblin from Team SouL was not a fair decision, especially after his exceptional performance for the team in the past. Responding to this, Goblin revealed what led to the decision to bench him. He stated that one of the primary reasons behind Team SouL’s underwhelming performance in BGMS Season 2 was the frequent player rotations. With the exception of their in-game leader (IGL), Omega, all four players were constantly switching on-and-off the team. This constant shuffle disrupted team synergy and hindered players from building confidence in their roles. As a result, during the tournament, the entire team made a tough decision – to bench Goblin due to his mediocre performance.

Goblin Explains the Necessity of Fixed Playing-Four

Following this, Goblin emphasized the importance of a fixed four-man lineup, regardless of his presence on the team. He acknowledged that while his benching was unexpected, it was a collective decision made for the betterment of the Team SouL. He expressed his willingness to return to the lineup once he regains his form, adding that his benching was not permanent.

Goblin highlighted the advantages of having a stable, unchanging lineup. He explained that with a set four-man roster, players could develop synergy, confidence, and the ability to play aggressively and seriously. This stability would eliminate the uncertainty that plagued the team during BGMS Season 2.

Goblin also admitted that his own confidence took a hit during the LAN event due to the constant changes within Team SouL. He recognized that the team’s focus wavered during the LAN event, leading to a subpar performance. He acknowledged the importance of regaining his focus and vowed to work on his game during future tournaments to avoid being labeled one-time wonder.

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