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High Tier Loot Zones in COD Mobile: Where to Find the Best Loot

To gain the upper hand in Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM), one of the most crucial aspects of your strategy should be securing high tier loot. High tier loot zones can make or break your game, providing you with superior gear, weapons, and equipment that give you a significant advantage over your opponents. In this article, we’ll discuss the various high tier loot zones in CODM and provide some tips for finding them.

What are High Tier Loot Zones in COD Mobile?

High tier loot zones are specific areas on the map where you’re more likely to find top-tier weapons, armor, and accessories. These zones significantly boost your chances of success in the game, as they provide you with the firepower and protection needed to outgun and outlast your enemies. Following are few of the key high tier loot zones in CODM:

  • Isolated Map:
  1. Black Market: Located near the center of the map, the Black Market is a hotspot for high tier loot. Search the shipping containers, warehouses, and the central building for top-notch weapons and armor.
  2. Outpost: The Outpost is another high tier loot zone with a mix of buildings and outdoor areas. Explore the guard towers, barracks, and the central fort for superior gear.
  • Alcatraz Map:
  1. Cellhouse: The Cellhouse on Alcatraz Island is a goldmine for high tier loot. Check the cells, the central courtyard, and the elevated walkways for epic gear.
  2. Warden’s Office: Located near the center of the map, the Warden’s Office houses valuable loot. Explore the office building and the surrounding area for top-tier weapons and equipment.
  • Blackout Map:
  1. Asylum: In the Blackout map, Asylum is a known high tier loot location.Explore the asylum building and its underground tunnels for valuable gear.
  2. Construction Site: The Construction Site in Blackout holds high tier loot opportunities. Check the cranes, the construction buildings, and nearby supply drops for top-notch gear.

Landing Strategy

Choose your landing spot wisely. Aim for high tier loot zones at the beginning of the match, but ensure you have a clear path to escape in case things get heated.

Additionally, you should learn the map layout and the best loot spawn locations in each zone. This knowledge will give you an edge in quickly securing top-tier gear. Be cautious and aware of other players in high tier loot zones. Expect intense battles and be prepared to fight for the loot.

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