Global Esports faces Orangutan, Defeats Velocity gaming to reach lower-bracket final

At Skyesports Champions Series Chennai LAN playoffs day 5, Global Esports would face Orangutan for a spot in Stage 2 VCT APAC Challengers.

On day 4 of Skyesports Champions Series Chennai Playoffs, Global Esports faced Velocity Gaming for tournament contention, with the losing team facing elimination. Both the teams always supported each other and wished to meet in the finals instead. 

Valclassico started on Bind, Global Esports map pick. The first half concluded with Global Esports leading with 9-3. Velocity Gaming did manage to come back but failed to consummate it, losing the map 11-13

On Velocity Gaming’s Breeze, Global was surprised with a Reyna pick for SKRossi. Everyone expected a close map, but Global Esports dominated their rivals, losing four rounds, three in the first half and one in the second. Winning the series 2-0 against their eternal rivals, Velocity Gaming.

Global Esports started the playoff stage with a win against Full Power Gaming, where they won the game 2-0, sending Full Power to the lower bracket. Global Esports lost to Orangutan in the upper semifinals and were sent to Lower-bracket themselves. 

Global won two games back to back against Revenant and yesterday against Velocity Gaming to face Orangutan in the Lower Bracket Finals. 

Orangutan had a relatively has played fewer matches, with them being the first seed of the tournament. They won their debut LAN match against Global Esports but lost 1-2 to Enigma Gaming, a very close game. 

Today both teams face each for the second time, with Orangutan wanting to repeat the results of last time and Global Esports would want to take revenge on their counterparts. The Game winner gets a ticket for the Stage 2 VCT APAC Challengers and the finals of Skyesports Champions Series 2022 against the undefeated Enigma Gaming.

The match today would be a BO3 and go the distance, with both teams trying to get the best of other and qualify for APAC Challengers. Good luck to both the teams, and may the best team win.