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Geek Fam setups Geek Academy in association with The Academy of Esports

The Malaysian Esports organization, Geek Fam have partnered with “The Academy of Esports” to setup The Geek Academy. Just like other organization around the world, the aim of this academy will be to influence the growth of esports as well as foster young talent for competitive circuit.

The Geek Academy will focus on two games; CS:GO and Dota 2, with more games being added later in future. Both the games are made by Valve and have a massive worldwide following. The academy will work with players from the Geek Fam Team to create a perfect training program that will help new players to excel and learn the basics.

The announcement of Geek Academy comes shortly after Geek Fam finalized their Dota 2 roster changes. The announcement said:

Hey, Fam! We are excited to announce our newest addition to the Geek Family, please give a warm & geeky welcome to Geek Academy. The Geek Academy offers a new accessible program catered to not only the hardcore gamers pursuing the competitive scene but also those who want to improve their in-game skills for the enjoyment of casual play. Who knows, the team might stop by for a special coaching session.”

Our Tuition Programme focuses primarily on our students’ Cognitive Development. We educate them about hard cognitive skills such as Hand-Eye coordination skills and Anticipation & Reaction time, as well as training their soft cognitive skills such as the process of analysis and critical thinking, while multitasking.”

Unlike other academies or training programs that focus mainly on competitive skills, the GeekAcademy program will include the development of other in-games skills such as communication skills, mechanical skills as well as critical thinking. The Academy will also help its students’ in developing skills needed outside of gaming and have classes on conflict management, decision making, and social skills.

You can read more about session details and scheduling on Geek Fam’s website.

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