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xQc claims to have an idea that would revolutionize Twitch

Felix Lengyel aka xQc is one the biggest streamers on Twitch at the moment, a certainly a very opinionated and vocal person, during a conversation with one of Twitch’s employees, he pitched an idea that he believes would revolutionize the platform.

Twitch is already the most popular streaming platform out there and even with the constant threat of YouTube and Facebook Gaming, it remains unfazed and confident that its platform has enough to outlast its competitors.

The Amazon-owned streaming platform has constantly worked to introduce new features and optimize the old ones for the streamers and the audience, but xQc thinks there is still more they can do to keep the competition in check who are catching up at an alarming pace.

“People want clips. People want to see top clips. People want to see what happened today on this forsaken platform,” he said.

“I don’t have time to watch all the streams. But I do have a little bit of time and I want a highlight reel of all the streamers I’m interested in or another section about what happened today on Twitch. What happened today in the realm of live content.”

Keeping in mind that Twitch already offers a recommendation system that pulls up clips that it believes the particular user would find interesting, he said, “Clips we think you’ll like? F**k off, dude. I don’t think so. How about you give me clips that people like today. Clips that people watch today.”.

xQc’s idea was apparently liked by Pluto and seemed like would run it by the guys over at Twitch and if things go well, we might actually see it get to come to fruition.

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