Why Does Youtube Have a Minecraft Logo?

minecraft youtube special logo

Mojang’s Minecraft is one the most popular gaming title on the planet with more than 141 million active users playing the game every month. It is one of the best-selling games ever made, and now with more than a trillion views on Youtube, the game has set yet another milestone.

Back in 2009, the game was first released to the public with limited content, and later in 2011, the game was fully released. Microsoft celebrated the game’s 10th-year anniversary this year with a slew of announcements and upcoming content teases. Since its first reveal in 2009, the game has grown a considerable large community on Youtube and other social media platforms. With more than 35,000 active content creators on Youtube alone, the game has one of the most active gaming communities on Youtube. 

Today, the game makes another milestone achievement by reaching 1 Trillion views on Youtube. Minecraft is the first-ever game to reach 1 trillion views on the video platform and Youtube is celebrating this milestone with the most popular content creators of the game including PewDiePie, Mrbeast, CaptainSparklez, Mumbo Jumbo, etc. 


Youtube made a special video to commemorate this achievement. The video features some of the most popular content creators coming together to build a Minecraft City showcasing the various game elements and freedom of creativity coupled with the legendary song “We Build This City” by Starship as its background score. 

All the visitors today will be greeted with a special Minecraft animated “1 trillion” count logo in place of the original Youtube logo. The video giant has also made a special post about Minecraft explaining the journey of the game on Youtube and how big it has grown over the years. 

Minecraft’s success on YouTube has been a key to the growth of both as one will be incomplete without the other. Throughout the year Minecraft has remained a trending game and genre on Youtube and has helped in launching the carriers of many content creators. With Microsoft adding Minecraft to its Game Pass service and offering both Java and Bedrock editions in a single game bundle, the popularity of the game is sure to rise further.