How to update PS5 Dualsense via PC

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A new update program on windows 10 and 11 has made the complicated and tedious process of updating the PS5 Dualsense controller a bit smoother.

Before the process could only proceed via the PS5 console, but Sony has released a new update utility that will bypass the console requirement completely and allow you to update the PS5 controller directly via PC. 

While the PS5 Dualsense controller is better than the previous Dualsense controller, the constant requirement of updating firmware on Dualsense 5 can be challenging and irritating.

The new “Firmware Updater For Dualsense wireless controller” utility makes updating the console via PC a possibility and also allows players to bypass the console requirement for updates.

How to update PS5 Dualsense via PC

If you are updating the firmware of your controller via Windows PC for the time, then please follow the steps below from the start. If you have already updated the firmware once via Windows PC, then please start from step 3.

1. Download the “Firmware Updater For Dualsense wireless controller” from the link.

2. Install the software by following the instruction on the screen. The software may ask to download additional files, don’t panic that is part of the installation process.  

3. Run the Firmware Updater utility tool.

4. Connect your Dualsense 5 controller to Windows PC via a USB cable.

5. Updater will automatically detect your controller and start the update process.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions and remember to not disconnect the USB cable or turn off your PC during the update process. 

7. Repeat the same process from step 3 to update other Dualsense 5 controllers (if any).

Once the update is done, close the app and unplug the DualSense 5 controller from USB to re-establish wireless functionality with Windows PC. The updater app will notify you whenever an updated firmware is available. 

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