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How to mute your guns and weapons in High On Life?

One of the most original and hilarious action-adventure games of recent years, High On Life is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Since Justin Roiland, one of the creators of Rick and Morty, worked on the project, it’s no surprise that the title features a brand of sardonic comedy that’s strikingly similar to that of the show.

But other gamers don’t like talking weapons and find them annoying as they try to learn more about the setting and the lore. 

Thankfully, High On Life allows you to turn off the sound of your firearms and other weapons whenever you choose. However, neither the possibility nor the means of accomplishing this are stated inside the game itself.

In High on Life, locating Kenny won’t keep you searching for very long at all.  Kenny provides advice and commentary on the world, your play style, and even your appearance throughout the game.   

Kenny can wear on your nerves after a while, especially if you continually stumble upon the same goods or must scour the same rooms to locate what you need.

As you progress through the story, you’ll find a variety of weapons, including Kenny, which, thankfully, can all be muted in the game.

High on Life’s gun, which you may silence by entering the game’s menu, is a source of early jokes, but it’s possible to disable in the game itself. Access the configuration menu by clicking the gear icon. The sound settings menu can then be accessed by selecting the audio option.

Pause the game and open Settings. Open the Audio Tab and search for the “Gun Chatter” Option.

You can choose from “Often,” “Occasionally,” or “Never” for each of these three choices. These default to Frequent, so Kenny and the world’s bad guys will have frequent conversations right off the get. 

This occasional chitchat strikes a nice balance and causes Kenny to use far less of his usual excessive verbal output. If you wish to prevent Kenny from making any noise at all when using the weapon, you can select the None option.

One of the best elements of the story is how the guns talk to each other and explain what’s happening, which adds a layer of weirdness to the already offbeat setting and premise.

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