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Guilty Gear Strive Update 1.11 Patch Notes


Guilty Gear Strive Update 1.11 Patch Notes

New Addition

  • Added Happy Chaos as a playable character
  • Available for Season Pass 1 owners since November 30, and available for separate purchase from December 3.


  • Fixed a bug where characters would sometimes behave strangely after a successful throw clash.
  • Fixed a bug where the character would be blown back in a different direction depending on the direction they were facing after being with with a Psych Burst or Roman Cancel while their position completely overlaps with the opponent.
  • Fixed a bug where with unnatural behavior occurring after activating Roman Cancel directly after inputting the dash button.

Network Mode

  • Added “Room Customization” to Player Match.
  • You can customize your player room by selecting Network > Player Match > Room Customization from the menu.
  • Added a fishing option exclusively for Room Customization items.


  • Chipp Zanuff
    • Fixed a bug where Chipp would sometimes land during the motion.
  • Jack-O
    • Fixed a bug where Jack-O would be unable to attack a Servant at a certain timing after the Servant lands.
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes Servants would be erased by Jack-O’s attacks.
    • Fixed a bug where Servants would take an unintended trajectory after being hit by Jack-O’s Standing Close Slash or Standing Far Slash after the update to Version 1.10.
  • May
    • Fixed a bug with the Wall Break value scaling after the Version 1.10 update.
  • Potemkin
    • Fixed a bug where the hitbox would remain after it should no longer be active.
  • Ramlethal Valentine
    • Fixed a bug where her swords would behave strangely under certain conditions such as after a successful throw clash, etc.
  • Zato-1
    • Fixed a bug where the opponent would move to an unintended position after activating a Roman Cancel directly after being successfully grabbed by this move.

Guilty Gear Strive is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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