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Far Cry 6 Pre Download Date, Availability, And File Size


Ubisoft’s latest sequel to the Far Cry series — Far Cry 6 is just days away from its official release on 7th October. The game is currently available to pre-order on all platforms and comes with special pre-order bonuses including skin for Chorizo (Doggo) and Disc Launcher. Those who pre-order the game can also pre-load the game and play the game as soon as it launches.

With just 5 days left from the launch, Ubisoft has revealed dates for pre-load availability per platform. 

Far Cry 6 Pre Download Date Per Platform

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As per the information available, Far Cry 6 is available for pre-load on Xbox platform consoles right now. Once you purchase the game from the Xbox store the pre-load option will be available and the game will pre-load the required files automatically. While for those on Playstation have to wait for some more days as the game will be officially available for pre-load for them on October 5th. 

Although no dates have been announced for the availability of pre-load on PC, we believe the game will be available for pre-loading at the same time Playstation i.e. 5th October. Since the game is only available on the Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store this time around we can’t readily see the pre-load date as we can see on Steam. 

Of course, pre-loading the game before the release date doesn’t mean that you can play it before release. You still need to wait until 7th October to play the game on your preferred platform. Also, the game will be available on Google Stadia on 7th October.

Far Cry 6 Pre-load Size

As per some sources, the pre-load download size of the game is between 38GB upto 54GB for consoles depending on the generation of the console. Older generation consoles will have a file size of 38.95GB and the file size for next-generation consoles will be greater depending upon the platform of choice starting from 42GB to upto 54GB. 

For PC users, the file size is definitely larger than that of consoles. The game requires atleast 60GB space for the base version with an additional 37GB required for the HD textures pack needed to play on 1440p or higher resolutions. Ubisoft also recommends installing the game on an SSD to have better load times. Check out the PC system requirements here. 

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