How to Get The Pumpkin Punisher in Call Of Duty: Warzone

Call Of Duty embraces Halloween yet again this year, as if 2020 wasn’t haunting enough.

The Haunting of Verdansk with its Halloween themed events is a sweet introduction of western culture to the game. The Trick or Treat hunt is a challenge introduced as a part of this event engages players into looking for 16 unique loot items that yield the Pumpkin Punisher blueprint for GRAU 5.56 AR as a reward.

Why Is Pumpkin Punisher Not Working?

As reported by many, this is a recognized bug that holds back the rewards despite completing the challenge in its entirety. Clearly, this is an issue not limited only to a single user, and not reaping the rewards after a prolonged hunt drowns players into vexation.

How to Get The Pumpkin Punisher in a Warzone?

To earn the blueprint for GRAU 5.56 AR players must gather 16 Halloween themed collectibles dispersed across the map and stored in supply boxes. Once all 16 are collected, players are rewarded with the blueprint.

Location for the 16 loot items are:
1. Airport
2. Stadium
3. Hospital
4. Lumberyard
5. Superstore
6. Storage Town
7. Gulag
8. Dam
9. Boneyard
10. Hills
11. Train
12. TV Station
13. Military Base
14. Port
15. Downtown 
16. Quarry

Joe Cecot, the Co-Design Director of Multiplayer at Infinity Ward has advised players to go through it all over again and they are most likely get the blueprint this time around. If a certain location was not registered in the player’s earlier stint, it more likely to get registered the second time they collect the loot from the same location.

Judging by the nature of the reply, there is no alternate way out of this. Getting all 16 collectible was a tall order task in itself and going through it again is yet another annoying adventure the players must take up in order to get the reward.