Freakazoid bullies s1mple in stream, apologies later

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The recent controversy flying around the NA fame holder Freakazoid who is very famous about his calm and holy nature when it comes to ‘not bullying people’ has emerged last night when he was trashtalking to s1mple. All of this was caught at CLG tarik’s stream.

When you claim that you don’t care about black or white people, and while coming across a black man, if you feel insecure, that is hypocrisy at the best level and such is a metaphorical comparison for Freakazoid’s ideology. The NA star always has been know for his humble and gentle preaching on how we should not bully people regardless of their looks and gameplay.Even though this time, he was mocking someone who is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr better than him, he went on to shittalk to s1mple about how baad his gameplay is and how much left out and disgrace he is for whatever team he plays for.  

Freakazoid bullies s1mple

The stream on which, whole of this was recorded found it’s way to Reddit where thousands of community member shared their disappointments and anger towards the hypocrite. Joining the community members were some of the relatives of Freakazoid, journalists, analyzers and reputed YouTubers.

Trashtalking is not a big deal when it comes to Esports, people do mock each other in-game while to apprehend their complexity and disassemble on common consent. But why was this reaction or event was over-hyped? Why people were so harsh on his mocking to s1mple? Hasn’t this happened even in the past when fnatic’s team mocked NiP Get_Right when he was up for handshake? Then what has made people so much salty about this?

“If you bully it’s just a sign of weakness from the person because they are insecure about themselves” – Freakazoidd

Well, now you know why the proverb, “Practice what you preach.” is so popular and accurate. Freakazoid and s1mple’s whole of stream transcript has been drawn out by a fellow user NALMAO, which is pasted below:

Freakazoid bullies s1mple

ptr: we go A
[unknown]: keeeepooo
freakazoid: shut up simple you fucking suck
s1mple: who’s talking?
s1mple: ohh my gaawww
freakazoid: shut up dude you suck
s1mple: #100 player in north america?? is it you??
s1mple: hey ptr, who is talking to me?
ptr: (doesnt respond)
freakazoid: yo, why do you aim at the ground when you… run around?
(ingame callouts)
silent talking about a clutch hes trying to make
s1mple: “silent, shut the fuck up.” (s1mple thought silent was freak??)
silent: what did you do this round, simple?
s1mple: what are you doing, silent?
s1mple: you should just die, like you die at EMS katowice qualifier.
silent: you’re not making any sense
s1mple: *unintelligible sentence*
freakazoid: simple, why are you such a noob, dude?
s1mple: why?
freakazoid: you’re such a baiter, dude
(at this point, freakazoid’s name in mumble is stewie2k)
s1mple: stewie, please. shut the fuck up stewie.
freakazoid: stop baiting for kills, dude, you suck.
s1mple: i dont know how you’re playing for cloud9.
freakazoid: i dont know how you play for any team.
s1mple: *unintelligible sentence*
freakazoid: what’s the longest.. uh.. what’s the longest team you’ve ever been on in your life?
freakazoid: a couple months?
s1mple: 1 year. with hellraisers.
freakazoid: oh wow
freakazoid: how long did that take. are you guys… still friends with them?
s1mple: yeah.
s1mple: how long can you be in this team? why not answer this question?
freakazoid: how long you been on liquid?
s1mple: oh, its good when everyone hates you
s1mple: “on reddit.. everywhere” (talking about how people dislike stewie, or himself months ago?)
s1mple: *unintelligible sentence*
freakazoid: do you even have real life friends?
freakazoid: i don’t think you have real life friends, do you?
s1mple: “yeah I have *unintelligible as well”
freakazoid: its ok dude.. i dont need to.. hit the soft spot.. dude.
freakazoid: do you have any balls?
freakazoid: or.. nah?
freakazoid: you just like to talk unintelligible and then get scared in person, huh?
s1mple: why did you start talking to me?
s1mple: “everyone hates you, I don’t want to talk to you as well.” (assumedly still believes freak is stewie)
s1mple: you can try to talk with reddit or hltv, not with me, pls.
freakazoid: at least reddit talks back, dude, you can’t even have a conversation.
s1mple: dude, everyone’s talking that you’re shit.
s1mple: come on.
s1mple: you should play better, go deathmatch. stop talking and go deathmatch, do something.
freakazoid: “you like eating shit?” (unable to comprehend was s1mple is saying, or just taking a cheap shot at the kid’s accent)
freakazoid: man have you seen your aim? your aim sucks dick.
s1mple: yea ok.
freakazoid: “you rush for kills and still die.” (5 minutes before: freakazoid: “stop baiting for kills, dude, you suck.”)
s1mple: ok. stop talking to me please.
s1mple: *unintelligible* (possibly: you’re idiot)
s1mple: seriously.
freakazoid: seriously dude, its time for a taan.
s1mple: unintelligible
s1mple: you’re fucking dick every official match. go. pls. dont talk with me. unintelligible
freakazoid: hey stop losing rounds dude. you keep talking to me. shut uup, you suck, you aim at the ground when you run around; you’re so bad, you need a tan, get some friends, shut the fuck uup.
s1mple: who’s losing rounds?
s1mple: what are you talking about?
freakazoid: man you lose your team so many rounds bro
freakazoid: goddamn ive seen you play
s1mple: and you?
freakazoid: “i love jumping through smokes bro what can I say” (at this point purposefully misleading simple as to who’s approaching him)
freakazoid: i make plays. you make dumb plays.
s1mple: chuckling
freakazoid: what are you, santa claus?
s1mple: you are the worst player on cloud9. seriously. you should play better, man. go deathmatch.
freakazoid: you’re the wors- you’re the best player on every other team. just because you feed kills.
s1mple: thank you
s1mple: no im not feed kills, in every team i was entry fragger or i was a lurker or AWP player, you dont know anything about me so shut the fuck up.
s1mple: unintelligible will never play at lan.
s1mple: trying to talk with me. 0.5 kdr.
s1mple: i dont even want to talk with you. seriously.
s1mple: you’re shit. you’re a piece of fucking shit player.
freakzoid: now i know why everybody hates you.
s1mple: “yes. reddit and hltv hates you”
s1mple: everyone.
freakazoid: yeah.. i think you’re bad dude.. i think you just need to go uh.. drink a protein shake. you’re looking all skinny bud.
s1mple: yeah man.
freakazoid: its ok if you hate your life man.
s1mple: stewie what are you talking about?
freakazoid: “hey have a nice day.” (never says that he isn’t stewie)

Cloud9 Manager’s View

“Cloud9 players should strive to set a positive example for those who look up to them. Friendly trash talk is one thing but when personal attacks begin a line has been crossed regardless of it being online or on LAN. Ryan will be expected to do all he can to promote a healthy atmosphere within the community. The biggest lesson to take away from this is to think before you speak or act. The professional scene as a whole can learn from this event. As CS:GO grows to new heights so must our sportsmanship standards, which includes everyone, not just fREAKAZOiD.”

– Tres “stunna” Saranthus, Cloud9 CS:GO Manager

Thorin’s View

Freakazoid’s Apology

“I have failed my community, teammates, and organization. I would like to offer a sincere apology to s1mple for the poor decision I made last night. The way I behaved was unacceptable. I expect better from myself, and will do all I can to meet those expectations going forward. This experience has taught me that one slip up can cost you everything. At the end of the day I would like to make amends with s1mple and move forward from this. I hope he and the community can forgive my actions.”

–  Ryan “fREAKAZOiD” Abadir, Cloud9 CS:GO Player

Cloud9’s take on this

This surely is not what every other individual or organization is prepared for, these are the spontaneous acts which lead to certain point of disagreements and leads to disgraceful comments from the community. Cloud9 fined Freakazoid for a whole month of salary from which 50% shall be entitled to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, and the other half to Born This Way Foundation. Also Freakazoid would be persuaded to attend an anti-bullying seminar in Los Angeles, CA hosted by PACER.

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