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Is Young Sheldon coming to Fortnite?

Despite being a spin-off, Young Sheldon has been one of the most popular Sitcoms in the world. The sitcom focuses on the younger years of Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory when he started to show his intellectual prowess as he struggled to fit in with other kids of the same age.

The sitcom has acquired a plethora of fans across the world but has garnered special appreciation within the Fortnite community has fans are begging for a crossover. Fortnite has previously successfully collaborated with TV shows and it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to believe that one day Young Sheldon might make it to the game.

As things stand, Young Sheldon is not coming to Fortnite anytime soon, and it’s very unlikely that it will happen in light of many more lucrative collaborations at hand. For players who are fans of the game, the internet has flooded with fan-made images hinting at a crossover but they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Fortnite has tons of interesting collaborations for the players so Young Sheldon not coming to the game should not be a big deal but for the fans holding high hopes for it will likely get disappointed.

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