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Is Fortnite Giving Away Free V-Bucks?

Apparently, Epic Games is giving away free V-Bucks to some Fortnite players. The developers take such steps to compensate for mistakes from their end. Are you wondering why this time Epic is providing free V-Bucks to some players? Let’s find out.

If you have purchased the Darth Maul wheels in Fortnite, then you can consider yourself fortunate. Epic Games has adjusted the original price of these tires and refunded 300 free V-Bucks to those who paid the initial amount. This adjustment comes as part of Epic’s ongoing efforts to fine-tune pricing, particularly for newer game modes like Festival, LEGO, and Rocket Racing.

Lately, the prices of in-game items have been changing a lot. The distribution of free V-Bucks serves as a fair repayment for players who originally spent the adjusted price. While these V-Bucks were technically already owned by players, they now serve as a gesture of goodwill from Epic Games.

Have you also received 300 V-Bucks for free? Let us know in the comment section below.

Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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