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Fortnite’s Jubi Slide Emote Removed Just Hours After Release

A few hours after its addition to the Fortnite Item Shop, the Jubi Slide Emote Fortnite edition, priced at 500 V-Bucks, became a topic of interest. Not only was it available for use in Battle Royale, but it also marked its presence in LEGO Fortnite, making it a unique addition to the game’s expansive emote collection. As an Icon Series Emote, it garnered attention from collectors and players alike, eager to add this exclusive item to their repertoire.

However, the excitement was short-lived. Within three hours of Jubi Slide Emote Fortnite release, Epic Games decided to remove the Jubi Slide Emote from the Item Shop. While those who had already purchased it could still use it in-game, it was no longer available for sale, effectively being vaulted for the time being. Epic Games’ statement on the matter was brief, indicating a need to review the emote closely before making any further decisions.

Controversy Surrounding the Jubi Slide Emote Fortnite

The removal of the Jubi Slide Emote raised questions and speculations among the Fortnite community. Initial reports suggested a bug in LEGO Fortnite as the primary reason for its delisting. However, another significant factor came to light – the Jubi Slide Emote’s striking resemblance to the previously released Side Shuffle Emote. Despite minor differences in animation and music, the core movements of the two emotes were nearly identical, leading to community backlash and discussions about the originality and value of new in-game content.

This similarity not only sparked debates among players but also raised concerns about the potential for refunds, a process complicated by the number of purchases made during the emote’s brief availability. Epic Games’ decision to remove the emote from the shop could be seen as a preemptive measure to simplify any potential refund processes, should they decide to offer them.

What will happen to the Jubi Slide Emote?

The community’s reaction to the Jubi Slide Emote has been mixed. While some players found amusement in the situation, others expressed disappointment and frustration over spending their V-Bucks on what they perceived to be a redundant addition to the game.

The discussion extends beyond the specifics of the emote itself, touching on broader themes of creativity, player feedback, and the mechanisms through which new content is introduced and managed within Fortnite.

The future of the Jubi Slide Emote in Fortnite remains uncertain, leaving players eagerly awaiting an update from Epic Games.

Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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