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Fortnite’s Interstellar Bass Emote Gets a Hilarious Twist with Custom Music Options

The interstellar bass emote inspired by music from Kyle Gordon has made its way to Fortnite and in what seems to be an honest mistake but by the time it was fixed, the community had enough time to squeeze some fun out of it.

Fortnite’s Interstellar Bass

Fortnite’s Interstellar Bass Emote has stirred up some humour among players. Thanks to the customizable key and tempo options of the Festival Jam Tracks, players have created hilarious animations by modifying the emote’s elements. A recent post on the X subreddit showcased the altered emote with the Meow Skulls skin.

When the tempo was slowed down, the emote resulted in a slow-motion walk, resembling a dramatic motivational scene from a movie. But it didn’t stop there. The player then ramped up the tempo, resulting in a high-paced and energetic version of the emote, creating laughter among viewers.

While this may have yielded some moments of fun for the gamers this presents a new set of challenges that fans are now hopeful to have in the game sometime in the future.

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