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Fortnite Hide and Seek Prop Hunt Map Codes for December 2023

The Fortnite Creative Mode has introduced a new layer of freshness to the game ever since it was initially introduced to the Battle Royale in December 2018. Using it, players from throughout the globe have managed to create thousands of custom game modes to share with the community including Squid Game, Deathrun, Gun Game, and others.

‘Hide and Seek’ is one of the most popular custom game modes in Fortnite Creative that millions of gamers enjoy playing. Most of these games use the ‘Prop Hunt’ theme, where hiders can take the shape of props and other objects scattered across the map to try and blend in with the environment while seekers try to distinguish the hiders from the real props in the map.

Sounds exciting? You can try out the Prop Hunt Hide and Seek game mode in Fortnite right away by downloading the game and jumping into Creative Mode.

To help you get into the world of Fortnite Prop Hunt, we have listed a bunch of Map Codes in this article that you can use to enjoy Prop Hunt with your friends.

Without further ado, let’s get into the list:

Map NameCodeCreator Name
Aquapark Hide and Seek1799-5631-3731jacob
Modern High School Prop Hunt1796-8865-3830eatyoushay
Toy Hunt5105-4405-0954Marablind
Mountain Mansion Hide and Seek3548-1991-7161Fatal Creations
The Mall is Closing Hide and Seek3227-8700-3877ingamingcarnageig
Christmas Themed Hide and Seek 2137-7520-1857birra
Carnival Hide and Seek8698-8038-7328mtl_rellik
Area 51 First Person Hide and Seek4909-3532-4209teamhorizon
The Simpsons Prop Hunt8871-0352-3843marablind
Friday the 13th4250-7193-5946jxdvn
Prop Hunt Infinite7263-1478-7522puzzler
Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt0139-3586-5803eatyoushay
Mansion Murder Mystery9850-2841-2309abstraktdan
The Yacht Hide and Seek2504-2038-5775ajcplays
Honey I Shrunk Fortnite4185-2533-4702mtl_rellik
SpongeBob Prop Hunt9653-5730-7935Marablind
Roller Disco Prop Hunt3948-7015-9316EsmeeSays
Home Alone Prop Hunt1468-8833-8480Marablind
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