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How to complete Winter Wildcards Jonathan Bamba Objectives in EA FC 24?

Are you ready to add a Left Winger to your EA FC 24 Ultimate Team? The Winter Wildcards Jonathan Bamba, an 86 OVR player, is now available through a special Objectives challenge.

This guide will walk you through the steps to acquire this valuable player in EA FC 24.

How to complete Winter Wildcards Jonathan Bamba Objectives in EA FC 24?

To earn Bamba, you’ll need to complete four specific challenges in either Squad Battles or Rivals:

  • French Flair: Score five goals using French players. Your reward? An 80+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack.
  • Right Through: Assist three goals with Through Balls using a LaLiga player, earning you an 81+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack.
  • Double Up: Score at least two goals in three separate matches to receive an 82+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack.
  • LaLiga Wins: Secure eight wins with at least three LaLiga players in your starting lineup for 500 XP and an 83+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack.

Expert Tips for Success

  • Squad Battles Advantage: This mode offers a less stressful way to complete these challenges compared to online play.
  • Strategic Player Selection: Opt for attackers and midfielders who meet multiple requirements. Affordable French players like Tchouameni are excellent for assists, while there are several other cost-effective options for scoring.
  • Timeframe: Remember, this challenge concludes on January 5 at 6 PM BST.

By completing these objectives, you can enhance your team with the swift and skillful Jonathan Bamba. Moreover, if you have a team based on La Liga players, this Jonathan Bamba card will also provide you with good chemistry.

Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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