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Everything You Need to Know About Fortnite Skin Restrictions

Fortnite has recently introduced significant changes that are stirring the community. Epic Games, the mastermind behind Fortnite, announced a new feature: age and content ratings for each island and cosmetic item, similar to an ESRB rating.

This move aims to empower parents and players to make informed decisions about the game’s vast array of experiences and cosmetics​​​​.

Details of the Age Restriction Implementation

The specifics of this new system reveal that not all skins are compatible with every age rating. For instance, certain skins will now carry a new icon in the player’s Locker and Item Shop, indicating their incompatibility with lower-rated islands.

If a player equips a restricted item and joins a lower-rated island, the game will automatically display a version compatible with the island’s rating​​.

The Controversial List of Age-Restricted Skins

A significant number of skins have fallen under this new age restriction. Notable examples include Agent Peely, Lara Croft, Doctor Doom, Black Widow, Cable, and more. Interestingly, any skin associated with guns, a central mechanic in Fortnite, is subject to these restrictions.

This change has also been retroactively applied to previous purchases, meaning that skins bought years ago might now be restricted in certain modes​​.

The Fortnite community has reacted with mixed feelings. Many players have expressed dissatisfaction, calling for a reversal of these changes or refunds for the now-restricted items. Adding to the complexity, some skins, such as Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise, surprisingly remain unrestricted, despite featuring elements like knives.

This inconsistency has caused confusion and frustration among players, highlighting the nuanced challenges of implementing such a system​​.

Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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