Fortnite x The Last of Us collaboration to feature the skin of Joel and Ellie

fortnite x the last of us

EPIC Games has collaborated with Naughty Dogs to bring in highly popular characters from a critically acclaimed game The Last of Us namely Joel and Ellie according to a credible source.

Data miner iFireMonkey in a podcast with Nick Baker a popular personality from XboxEra spoke about the latest collaboration. “In the interest of The Last of Us leaks, I got told that there’s gonna be a Last of Us Fortnite collab.” He added that the collaboration will most probably include the skin of Joel and Ellie.

The date is still to be known yet Nick predicted that the joint effort can either match with the redo of the game or it very well may be sent off during the arrival of the show. Nick Baker has claimed that he had gathered this information comes from more than one source which he assumes has credibility. Though he was unsure of the timing.

The update would show up rather sooner, so in the event that Epic Games will see Fortnite and The Last of Us cooperation around September yet on the off chance that the joint effort is set to deliver around the show’s send off, we will not get to see it until the earlier half of 2023.