COD Mobile: How to play with Controller

COD Mobile is the flagship video game developed by Activision to venture into the mobile gaming market and it has been successful since its launch itself. It has many features and aspects that brings the authentic COD experience on a mobile phone.

Many players have a habit of playing COD Mobile with their controller and check out if you can do the same with COD Mobile as well.


COD Mobile is purely based on its touch controls but the developers have accommodated a different mode of playing the game as well. Players that are interested in playing the game on controller can easily do so.

Controller gives a different feeling of control over the character in other COD games and a close resemblance is also seen on COD Mobile.

You can follow these simple steps to enable controller support and play COD Mobile with it.

  • Pair your controller to your mobile device. Use bluetooth to do so.
  • Launch COD Mobile and navigate to the controls section.
  • Use your controller to check its connectivity and once connected, you can fully operate the game using it.

You can also use the following settings to optimally play the game using a controller:

  • Enable Controller Support: On
  • X-axis FLIP: Default
  • Y-axis FLIP: Default
  • Flip Triggers with Bumpers: Default
  • Tap ADS: Hold
  • Auto-Sprint: Off
  • Sprint Function: Push Left Joystick Forward

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