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Epic Games in the middle of the biggest Fortnite event has made significant alterations to the game by nerfing Fortnite Sniper. This powerful weapon, once a favourite among players in Chapter 5, has been toned down by Epic to create a more balanced gameplay experience.

Epic has put in effort to balance the game in recent updates, though the changes have not been drastic. In the most recent Sniper nerf in Fortnite, the drop rate has been reduced for the second time. The latest Sniper in Fortnite still has one-shot kills and accuracy, similar to previous versions of the game but the drop rate been significantly reduced.

“People were complaining about the snipers being op so they reduced the drop rates, now this means that anyone who does get a sniper will be dominating the lobby as hardly anybody else will have one instead of nerfing the snipers themselves. The snipers could so easily be nerfed by only allowing the eagle eye scope and only allowing 1 bullet I don’t understand epics thought process” read a Reddit post.

While snipers have always been historically difficult to balance in FPS games, reducing the drop rate will let fewer players have it instead of fixing the gun. While fans have shown mixed reactions to this change, nerfing the stats of the gun would have resulted in a more unified acceptance given alteration in the rate of fire or damage dealt per shot would make the gun more balanced in a BR environment.

With the FNCS event happening on the weekend, it will be hard to assume how the pro players alter their game plan to adapt to this new change. While Fortnite has always been dynamic with its updates, a change as drastic as this will hurt the chances of players who have relied on this gun more than others.

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