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Former Pro Player Yaharong Reportedly Arrested for Murder Charges

The Jesport Hub reported on May 30, that Yaharong and the victim were reportedly lodging at a hotel in Hanoi when the girl refused to engage in sexual activity upon which Yaharong, Lee killed her by strangulation.

The former professional athlete then attempted suicide before being apprehended by the police while attempting to jump off the hotel. The local police have tied the evidence to the former LoL pro and now he will be charged with murder.

“Allegedly he was staying in a Hanoi hotel with his victim on May 30th, when the victim refused to have sexual intercourse with him. After that, Lee strangled her to death, and quickly tried to commit suicide.”

“Authorities arrested him before jumping off from the hotel. Vietnamese news has previously mistakenly reported the criminal to be 33 or 44 years old, but together with the Korean authorities, now the arrested person is confirmed to be 24 years old, the ex-mid laner, Yaharong.”

So far we know that he is in custody and with a plethora of evidence against him, it is likely that he will be convicted of murder. While it is a sad day for the LoL community, justice must be carried out under any circumstances.

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