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Fnatic looks to rebuild as JW is benched; rumors heat up of Danish reshuffle

Earlier this week, Fnatic announced that they have benched veteran AWPer and long-standing member Jesper “⁠JW⁠” Wecksell following a series of dismal performances from the player JW won 3 majors with Fnatic and has been part of the org since the early days of CS:GO, and was a top 10 player for 3 years straight.

Fnatic has been on a constant path downhill ever since the online era started and dropped out of the top 15 back in February and haven’t recovered since. Currently at 47th in the world, a matter of great shame for a team that was so dominant in the early years of CS:GO, winning 3 majors in the process.

Swedes struggling to find a way

With IGL Maikil “⁠Golden⁠” Selim being benched earlier this month, JW now joins him on the bench, leaving only 3 members in the starting line-up. Fnatic plans to go international with the new roster, moving away from their policy of 5 swedes, which had been very successful.

Currently, the three remaining members of the roster are Freddy”⁠KRIMZ⁠” Johansson, Ludvig “⁠Brollan⁠” Brolin, and Jack “⁠Jackinho⁠” Ström Mattsson with KRIMZ being the only one remaining from the roster that won the Major in 2015. Regarding the move, JW said that he would reflect upon things, and didn’t rule out anything about a potential move to VALORANT. His contract expires in early 2022.

Potential European Shuffle

Across the border, in Denmark, things look equally shaky. According to Twitter user @DanishCSGOleaks, huge roster moves are on the cards, primarily involving the Astralis core. As per the user, the members have decided not to renew their contracts this year, after 5 years with the organisation.

The core members will be free agents come 2022, and have the right to look for offers already. Only Bubzkji, the newest member, has a year and a half left on his contract.

As per the rumours, clutch minister ‘Xyp9x’ will be moving to Faze Clan as ‘olofmeister’ will finally step down for them to make way. ‘Dupreeh’ is rumoured to join old mate ‘dev1ce’ in NIP who have decided to bench the academy graduate ‘LNZ’. ‘Magisk’ is reportedly set to join Complexity with ex-teammate ‘k0nfig’ as major winner ‘RUSH’ is allegedly being benched.

These are all of course, rumours, and must be taken with a pinch of salt

Rumours aside, coach ‘Zonic’ will NOT renew his contract and is looking for offers elsewhere, news portal Jaxon confirmed. The position of the coach is rumoured to be filled by current Heroic coach ‘HUNDEN’ which would also explain his absence from the last event IEM COLOGNE.

The roster that won 4 majors, 3 of them in a row, would each go their own ways after being together for 5 years, leaving behind an unmatchable dynasty. Lastly, 2-time major winner and #1 player in the world in 2016 and 2017, ‘coldzera’ said he WOULD play the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 14 in August, but for whom, remains to be seen.

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