CSGO Flashpoint 1 Preview: Teams, Streams & More

Flashpoint is a tournament series owned by B-site. According to a DBLTAP report, Flashpoint is holding a payment of $150,000 from the Counter-Strike Professional Players Association for an agreement the two parties had made in March.

Flashpoint cited a number of reasons as to why they’re withholding the payment and claimed that the payment will be cleared once the issues are addressed by the CSPPA.

The allegations brought against CSPPA by Flashpoint can be summed up by the following points:


Flashpoint claimed that the CSPPA had been unresponsive to their requests to sign paperwork enabling them to sign the products of a sponsor who were supposed to ship free test monitors for the players. The unresponsiveness from the side of CSPPA led to cancellation of the sponsorship.

Refusal to create fining procedures

Flashpoint alleged that the CSPPA refused to participate in “any reasonable discussion” related to the rules and fining procedures. Consequently, this made it difficult for Flashpoint to properly conduct the tournament while keeping the rule violators in check.

Failure to create a ranking system

CSPPA had allegedly agreed to create a third-party ranking system during the negotiations. However, Flashpoint claims that they failed to do so and “has done nothing whatsoever” to implement the system.

Conflict of interests

Flashpoint mentioned that after Heroic’s roster was sold to FunPlus earlier this year, the players disregarded the initial agreement made with FunPlus and proposed “severely above-market” salary demands. Flashpoint claims that these demands were based on advice from the leadership of CSPPA.

Soon after these allegations were made by Flashpoint, CSPPA responded to it through Twitter. They denied the allegations while simultaneously mentioning that these are irrelevant to their contract and that Flashpoint is obligated to pay them the sun of $165,000.