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FIFA 22 Prime Gaming Pack 9 Now Available: How To Claim, Rewards

After many delays, the Prime Gaming 9 for the month of June has finally gone live for Prime Gaming subscribers to claim for free.

The Pack 9 comes at the crucial time during the Shapeshifters promotion and contains some valuable assets for players. The pack contains various goodies such as rare gold players, rare consumables, player picks, and more.

Pack 9 follows the general Prime Gaming Pack theme and includes the following rewards:

  1. 7x Gold Rare Players
  2. 2x 82 OVR Player Picks
  3. 12x Rare Consumables
  4. 1x 90+ OVR Prime Icon Player Loan Pick (10 Matches)

How To Get FIFA 22 Prime Gaming Pack 9

To claim the pack 9 from prime gaming loot all you need is to have an active prime gaming subscription and an EA Sports account with Fifa 22.

After confirming the above accounts are in place follow the steps below:

  1. log in to prime gaming here.
  2. Go to your account settings
  3. Now link your EA Sports Account with Prime Gaming
  4. Confirm that the link is successful
  5. Now go to the “Games and Loot” section
  6. Click on Fifa 22 and claim Pack 9

After successfully claiming the pack, you will receive a message in-game with the Pack 9 rewards. 

After Pack 9, there are three more packs coming in Fifa 22’s life cycle, one in July, August, and September for a total of 12 packs. After that, once Fifa 23 releases, expect EA Sports to start a new cycle of Prime Gaming packs for FIFA 23.   

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