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Division Rivals has been an important part of the FIFA Ultimate Team ever since its introduction to the game. It falls second in the priority list for players after FUT Champions and servers as a warmup. What about the Fifa 21 Division Rivals release date? Let’s check it out.

In Division Rivals, players of similar divisions are pitted against each other. The winner is rewarded with coins and points which help in qualification. Every week a player is allotted 30 games which give and take away points upon winning and losing respectively but coins are awarded regardless of the result.

Earned points will let players move up the ladder in terms of Divisions and rewards get more compelling as they move up. Reaching Division 1 is a sweet feeling for every fan. Players are awarded Player Packs along with coins at the end of the week and its quality depends on the Divison the player holds by the weekend.

When do rivals rewards come out in FIFA 21?

Division Rivals and FUT Champions rewards are expected to be released at 4 A.M ET(13:30 IST). Where players will receive 3 options in a large sum of coins, Tradable and Untradable Packs.

Like every previous FUT installment, in Fifa 21 the rewards will improve as the player reaches higher divisions. The rewards are a boon for non-P2P players, as they are likely to receive decent players which they can use in their teams or can sell them to get a suitable player that fits right in.

The lumpsum coins are also quite a considerable option as it is less of a gamble considering the other two. One can barely go wrong with guaranteed finance as if you are not lucky enough to grab a decent gold player which either fits or sells for pennies on dollars, you would be better off with the coins which at least ensure some transfer funds.

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