Fedmyster planning on returning to Twitch


Fedmyster played a big part in a few of the biggest dramas of the past year; in the aftermath of it, we saw Fed disappear from Twitch and every other social media, however his Twitch schedule hints at a possible comeback.

Fedmyster took a break from streaming after OfflineTV removed him over allegations of sexual misconduct by a fellow streamer Yvonne. The allegations were compelling enough to get him banned from OTV, causing him to disappear off the face of every social media at the time.

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However, it doesn’t end there, months later Fed was found himself in trouble yet again after a document where he describes his long-standing and complicated relationship was inadvertently leaked, naturally causing a series of statement exchanges between the pair.

Via FEDMYSTER’s Twitch

When Is Fedmyster Coming Back?

Fed’s Twitch at the time of writing says “FEDMYSTER is on vacation and will return in 20 days”. The statement is followed by his stream schedule that indicates the same.

The 20 days gap end on 3rd February 2021, which can possibly be his return date on Twitch. Although all of it is speculated, the stream schedule is the most compelling hint towards his return before he confirms it himself.

Given how he was disgraced out of the streaming industry, the news of his return has yielded mixed reactions from the community. Comeback streams usually pull massive viewership numbers which as it seems won’t be the case upon Fed’s return. It will be interesting to see how Twitch welcomes him back.