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FaZe5: All 6 FaZe5 Winners Announced

FaZe Clan’s Faze5 recruitment challenge brought unprecedented hype to the community as for the first time an esports organization of that stature was conducting a recruitment challenge open to all.

The best part being this was not limited to just big shot gamers but lesser-known content creators are also welcome to try their luck.

On December 27, Faxuty was welcomed into FaZe Clan after he came first in the recruitment challenge. He didn’t make it this far out of thin air rather by streaming religiously on Twitch that earned him near about 50,000 subs with a Twitch partnership and maintains a healthy YouTube channel that isn’t as active as his Twitch.

As the name suggested, the challenge was designed in a way where FaZe will pickup 5 talents across thousands of applicants, but they went out of their way and made 6 recruitments.

Faze Clan has declared all the Faze5 Winners.

FaZe5 Winners

  1. Faxuty
  2. Virus
  3. Flea
  4. NioRooch
  5. K1ng
  6. Scope (Bonus Winner)
FaZe5 1st Winner
FaZe5 2nd Winner
FaZe5 3rd Winner
FaZe5 4th Winner
FaZe5 5th Winner
FaZe5 6th Winner
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