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Valorant: This one way Sage wall on Bind can give you free rounds

While the effectiveness of Sage as support was reduced by quite a margin following the series of nerfs she received over the last few patches. Valorant players continued finding new and innovative ways to use the skills of Sage for their team’s advantage.

Recently, a Valorant player has shared a clever way of using the wall of Sage near the A-site on Bind to provide one-way vision to the defenders towards the attackers coming out of showers.

As demonstrated by Reddit user u/Sprouzy in his video, Sage can use her wall near the entrance of showers to provide a one-way vision of attackers standing near the wall to anyone standing in A Towers.


The Defender holding Towers can easily position himself properly to get a prominent view of the Attacker’s legs when they attempt to peek the entrance. However, it’s extremely difficult for the Attacker to get a clear view of the Defender.

Moreover, Sage can boost herself up on top of the wall to get an off-angle towards A Short.

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While this strategy can easily net you a couple of rounds, it’s best to not rely on it every single round. Sooner or later, the enemy will start predicting your positions and alter their gameplay accordingly, which can put you in difficult situations.

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