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Fans are asking riot to add Mans Not Hot dialogue for Phoenix in Valorant

Valorant is the signature FPS title for game developer Riot Games. Their entry into the 5 vs 5 competitive shooting genre with Valorant has been extremely well received by fans. Riot saw massive numbers on twitch streams as Valorant managed to break engagement records in the closed beta phase. Even the user response/ feedback for the game was humongous in the closed beta, this in turn helped Riot polish their game even further for final launch.

Phoenix and Jett Render by SkadiDesigns on DeviantArt

Upon its final release, Valorant has successfully managed to grab a chunk of the fanbase of competing games like Counter-Strike and has strengthened its footing in the competitive shooting genre.

What makes Valorant different from other 5vs5 competitive shooters is its wide array of unique agents, their playstyles and their skillset. It is safe to assume that Valorant can offer at least one agent for every kind of playstyle a player can think of in a competitive shooter. Riot Games have taken extra care to make each and every agent stand out in their own way with unique voice lines and even unique Spotify playlist.

Phoenix is one of the many playable and pre unlocked characters present in Valorant, and over time he has become a fan favourite for his aggressive playstyle and cheeky punchlines. “Hailing from the U.K., Phoenix’s star power shines through in his fighting style, igniting the battlefield with flash and flare. Whether he’s got backup or not, he’s rushing in to fight on his own terms,” reads his official agent description. Things definitely heat up when this man is seen running around the battlefield with his numerous fire themed abilities.

The fans and the community have started asking Riot to add the “Mans not Hot” meme that originated in 2017 from the popular BIG SHAQ song as a voice line for Phoenix. The funny thing is BIG SHAQ is one of the featured artists on the official Phoenix Spotify playlist. It is safe to assume that our fiery boy is himself a fan of BIG SHAQ and will definitely love to take some inspiration from him. It would be super amusing to hear Phoenix saying “Mans not Hot” after a clutch, this would totally suit his already cheeky personality and add a layer of sarcasm to it.

Riot Games is a master of character development and in-game plots as evident from their signature MOBA title League of Legends. Each of the champions present in LoL has well written individual backstories adding a layer of immersion and depth to them and for the players who want to explore them. We can hope that the agents in Valorant also get the same treatment over time from Riot.

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