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FaZe drops team member amid allegations of sexual misconduct

FaZe Barker was the main guy behind several montages showcasing the sniping skills of the clan members during the Modern Warfare 2 era of Call of Duty. He was the lead editor and one of the longest-serving employees in the clan. Barker also has his own YouTube channel with over 150,000 subscribers that feature videos from different game titles.

On 6th of June, FaZe Clan made an official announcement regarding FaZe Barker on their official Twitter handle. However, the reason for the decision was not disclosed.

As per the sources, Barker was accused of sending nude pictures & videos and several other allegations were also made against him. He would request the girl to send her nudes or call him. When denied, Barker would threaten with self-harm. In one of the conversations, Barker sent a picture of his arm with a cut on it. A twitter user, ‘purranii’ posted evidence that showed that Barker was making inappropriate advances towards a minor girl who was just aged 16 at that time.


In reply, Barker tweeted the following:


It has been a rough week for FaZe clan. Earlier, Nordan “Rain” Shat was removed from the clan house after he accused the org of treating him unfairly and that he was “left out on the streets”.

Anuj Rautela
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