Brazilian CSGO star Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo has decided to step down from his clan MIBR. The AWPer and IGL who’s often regarded as one of the best players to have ever touched the game has shared his thoughts through a Twitlonger post this sunday.

FalleN’s decision comes after the organisation announced dropping three players from their roster including TACO, Fer and coach ‘dead’. The MIBR lineup, which was once called to be the best CSGO team in the world, was failing to deliver up to expectations as of late, a factor which might have induced MIBR’s decision.

FalleN was clearly unhappy with the decision of MIBR to drop his former teammates from the squad, as he expresses clearly in the statement.

“At this moment, more than ever, I need to be faithful to my values and heart to close this chapter of this beautiful story,” FalleN said. “With regard to the fans who never left us, I communicate my insatisfaction with MIBR in front of the decision to completely overhaul the line-up I chose to play for.”

“I’m not satisfied with the recent decision,” the 29-year-old continued. “Last weeks have been tough and challenging and that is why I’m asking to leave the active roster while I think on my next steps.”

While the squad was underperforming, former MIBR coach ‘dead’ was recently suspended by the ESIC for a span of six months after he was found abusing a spectator bug in ESL One: Road to Rio, which might have fueled MIBR’s decision to drop him from the team.

However, FalleN has assured fans that he’ll be back to the pro scene in future. “The only thing I’m sure is this isn’t where the game ends for me,” a statement that is sure to delight his fans amid the crisis.

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