Fall Guys Ninja skin is available now

fall guys ninja skin

Are you a Ninja fan? If yes, you can buy the Ninja Fall Guys Costume from the item shop for 10 crowns from today.

If you can recall, Ninja, G2 Esports, AimLab, and Mr. Beast together bid 1 million dollars in the Fall Guys Battle of the Brands competition. That 1 million dollars was distributed among physically disabled gamers all around the world. The two organizations and the content creators got the highest bid as well as their own custom costumes and skins.

Ninja is the first member among them to get his own in-game skin and costume in Fall Guys. Fall Guys is quite popular these days. Recently the developers launched new levels for the fans. One of them is the Crown rank system. You can increase your Crown rank just by winning more games. The new Ninja map was also a significant addition. Not only that but the other skins will also be available soon.