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Evil Geniuses qualify for ECS S8 Finals ahead of Cloud9

Evil Geniuses qualified for ECS Season 8 NA LAN Finals after dominating Cloud9 with a 2-0 scoreline.

The match kicked off on C9’s pick Train. The North Americans starting on the Tside. Tarik “tarik” Celik opened up the scoreboard with a double in the pistol round to set his team and Evil Geniuses continued on Tarik’s hard work to secure a 6 rounds lead, despite Cloud9 getting quite a few bomb plants. Tsvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov continued with an AWP quad kill, on the A bombsite. Timothy “autimatic” Ta’s quad kill finally got the first round for them after being 11-0 down, and they continued with a B rush that went successful. Unfortunately for C9, that was all they managed before EG bounced back, finished the half 13-2 up, added a successful Ivy rush in the pistol and concluded the map 16-2.

The BO3 then took us to Inferno. The momentum went back and forth with both teams finding success on force-buys. The score was evened out when Evil Geniuses found a ground to build upon on the CT side, CeRq leading the fragging for his side as they took a four-round lead. Kenneth “koosta” Suen did the majority of the heavy lifting for Cloud9 added their fourth round after a successful 2v2 clutch on B site. Evil Geniuses didn’t lose their footing from the match, though, continuing with the same aggression that got them entry kills and big advantages shortly into the round.
Cloud9 finished the half 11-4 down, secured their first pistol after the switch, but failed to convert rounds against force buys which put them on the back foot again. It was 14-5 before Cloud9 afforded their first full buy on the CT side of Inferno, only having limited rounds to work with. C9 pushed it back to 15-9, but eventually losing out to a B split and Evil Geniuses claimed the series, 2-0.

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