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New CSGO update adds reworked Cache, celebrates 20th anniversary

Valve has celebrated the 20th anniversary of its release in style, by adding Cache back to official servers as well as releasing a weapon case as well as a sticker capsule.

While Cache will not be available for competitve play yet, with some bugs still to be fixed, it is available to be played on casual and deathmatch modes.

The CS20 Weapon Case and Sticker Capsule is an even better offering, with the weapon case consisting of the Classic Knife, which is a rendition of the one used in CS 1.6.

The Classic Knife is available in 13 different finishes, with the case likely to sell for a very high price in the market as it also contains 2 red and 3 pink skins. The sticker capsule also has iconic game designs which is sure to excite the purist.

You can read the full blog post of the release here:


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