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Skyesports Brings the Heat with Billboard Campaign for the CSGO League Across India

As India continues to soar to new heights in esports, home-grown brand Skyesports is paving the way and is determined to establish the nation as a major player on the global stage. And now, in a bold move to realize this vision, Skyesports has unveiled its latest foray: the Skyesports CSGO Division 1 tournament.

Skyesports CSGO Division is a grassroots-level tournament and can be compared with the Ranji trophy of Indian cricket. The new talent grinds their way to the top, and ultimately, the best players get a chance to excel at the next stage of the Skyesports CSGO League.

A Launch to be Reckoned With

With over 20 cities across India participating, this PAN India competition provides a crucial platform for aspiring and seasoned CSGO players to exhibit their talents and compete in front of a vast audience. As the top-performing teams advance to the prestigious Skyesports CSGO League, where the stakes and prize pools are higher than ever, this tournament marks a pivotal moment for the future of CSGO in India.

Skyesports: A Driving Force in Indian Esports

Since its inception, Skyesports has been a trailblazer in the Indian esports scene, constantly pushing boundaries with its inventive tournament hosting and unrelenting commitment to fostering growth in the industry. Having already successfully hosted events over the past four years, the brand now sets sights on revitalizing the games that shaped the foundations of the Indian esports community.

A stage for budding talent

The first-ever Skyesports CSGO Division will provide a stage for the best talent in India to excel using their skills. Based on their performance at this stage, players will advance to multiple prestigious Skyesports Leagues based on an intricate ranking system. More details on this will be released at a later stage.

Billboards Blaze Across Bangalore and Chennai

As part of its mission to spread the word about the Skyesports CSGO Division 1 tournament, Skyesports has embarked on billboard campaigns in both Bangalore and Chennai, with a rallying cry for locals to join in and display their abilities. With plans to continue this initiative in more than 20 cities in the near future, Skyesports is ensuring that the Indian CSGO esports scene will receive the recognition it deserves.

A Significant Step Forward

The launch of the Skyesports CSGO Division 1 tournament stands as a momentous occasion in the journey to establish India as a leading force in the world of esports. Providing a grand stage for CSGO players to shine, and with billboard campaigns in cities across the country, Skyesports is forging a path towards a bright future for Indian esports.

Divyesh Moghe
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