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Hogwarts Legacy sets new Twitch record as gamers call for boycott

One of the most highly anticipated games of the year, Hogwarts Legacy is here and has already left a mark on the gaming industry. In just 24 hours of the developers opening the door to the public, the game has set a new Twitch record despite fans calling for a mass boycott of the game.

For those unaware, the game goes beyond the regular domain of video games given the entirety of it is based on one of the most critically acclaimed series of fantasy novels authored by J.K Rowling. The love for the series went beyond the borders and now boasts fans of all age groups across the globe.

However, despite her popularity, she has been accused of being transphobic which divided her fans where a group sides with her while others call for a boycott. Regardless of how fans feel about her opinions, the game has seen incredible success from Day 1. The pre-order and viewership numbers certainly attest to this fact.

The game has peaked in terms of viewership, clocking at 1.2 million concurrent viewers across all streamers on Twitch which puts Hogwarts Legacy above all games as becoming the most viewed single-player game on Twitch.

xQc by far was the most popular streamer pulling over 100,000 concurrent viewers alone. With more than half the streamers on the platform playing the same game, speaks to the hype and love for the books that still remain among the fans.

There is still a day left for the Standard Edition to be released but at this point, there is hardly anyone who does not know the content of the game from the plethora of videos and streamers available on the web.

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