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Apex Legends Mobile Thug Invitational 2022: Participants, Schedule, and more

Thug Invitational, one of the most popular streamer tournaments of the year, is back with some interesting changes this time. Apex Legends Mobile Thug Invitational announced, the Indian esports community and popular streamers will battle it out for a ₹2,50,000 prize pool.

Thug Invitational is a tournament venture of 8Bit Thug, the co-owner of S8UL, where he adds interesting elements to the esports matches to make it more interesting for the viewers. This time, the biggest surprise element of this tournament was Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile enters Indian esports

This is for the first time that Apex Legends Mobile is entering the Indian esports. The game is relatively new and hence, it will take some time for it to have a stable esports ecosystem.

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Thug Invitational is an effort to introduce this new game to the community with a touch of entertainment to it.

Apex legends mobile thug invitational schedule

Apex Legends Mobile: Thug Invitational details

Tournament starts on 26th August and will run for three days continuously. The tournament will end on 28th August 2022. A total of ₹250,000 are at stake with sixteen streamers participating to play for entertainment and glory

Apex Legends Mobile Thug Invitational Stream

Thug Invitational will be streamed exclusively on Loco for the next three days. The livestream begins at 3:00 PM daily.

Apex Legends Mobile Thug Invitational Participants

As mentioned before, a total of 16 streamers have been invited for this event. They will play with a team of their choice and the names are as follows:

  • Naman “Mortal” Mathur
  • Payal “Payal Gaming” Dhare
  • Siddhant “Sid” Joshi
  • Kaashvi “Kaash Plays” Hiranandani
  • Salman “Mamba” Ahmed
  • Parv “ReGaLToS” Singh
  • Aman “Aman” Jain
  • Yash “Viper” Soni
  • Krutika “Krutika Plays” Ojha
  • Ankkita “Ankkita C” Chauhan
  • Mrinmoy “Mercy” Lahkar
  • Daksh “Mafia” Garg
  • Devdeep “Zeref” Dhar
  • Kamal “Akshu” Kumar
  • Monika “Sherlock” Jeph
  • Mithul “Binks” Nayak

Fritz and Sardarji will host this event and entertain the audience with their commentary and insights.

Thug Invitational has been a very successful event in India. Last season featured BGMI and the peak viewer count reached 47,000. The total watch hours were also more than 231,000.

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