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Esports being discussed in Parliament of French Government for regulations

The French government has moved ahead of the regular run and after serious consideration from the references obtained, Esports industry will be stirred into motion from the official parliamentarian forces.

Part of the Digital Law as we may say, the proposals were submitted last year which until now has been kept into improvisation and reconciliation.  The proposal and rules are called “projet de loi pour une République numérique” (“Digital Law”).”

The significant discussion on the addition of Esports industry in the digital law is being discussed at the French Parliament. France’s Minister of Digital Affaris, Axelle Lemaire announced that the Senate has observed and regulated the addition of the newer industry and eSports will be legalized in the country.

The minister’s office thus recorded an estimate of over a million Esports players in the country with more than 4 million viewership with even moderate expected growth in the coming years.

Until now, eSports was considered nothing but co-curricular activities mostly considered as a hobby. The recognition of eSports as an independent industry will surely ring some bells globally and people will start to respond practically and more significantly when talking about the digital sport, online gaming or eSports.

Other than the Ministers of Esports industry and formal regulations, participants will also have a status and a strong intellect in the governing bodies where they will be recognized as a official sport representative just like most of the sportsmen. The professional players from French will also be recognized and be eligible for benefits routed for government authorized bodies which include, tax benefits, post-retirement pensions, health insurance and etc.

Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha
Founding Editor, TalkEsport

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