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Dictionary now has the word ‘Esports’: TalkEsport now makes more sense


Wohoo! It finally has made its way to the official Dictionary.com, which also means, no-more explanations on what E-sports..  Esports defines? and how to make people recognize or understand the word without any brief description. It is no more a foreign word.

In a recent release of the list of fresh words added into the dictionary, the word which most importantly means everything for us and everyone of you, made it course to be officially noted into the Dictionary.com word directory with the brief explanation, ‘competitive tournaments of video games’.

“We rely on research in traditional publications, as well as technology like corpus research. In our case, we are currently using a corpus that has over 19 billion words,” it wrote. “The corpus contains a massive collection of sources, from literature to news articles to television and interview transcripts, balanced to reflect actual usage of language.”

Other game-related terms joining the new word parade are “permadeath” (the permanent death of a defeated character, after which the player of the game cannot continue with the same character) and “completionist” (a player who attempts to complete every challenge and earn every achievement or trophy in a video game). But clearly, “esports” is the important addition this time around.

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