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ESL India Premiership Summers – Meet the top contenders

The audience, gamers, and professionals are knocking at the door of ESL India Premiership Summers finale. The expectations are soaring high and the temperature is thick. From what the organizers claim, India still hasn’t seen an event as big as this one. And we can’t wait to affirm the same!

ESL India Premiership began their hunt for the best team in India in the previous year. The event was widely recognized as one of the best. And was largely successful. Not to skip the contribution of the event in building a routine tournament for the semi-professional Indian teams who fail to display their skills all throughout the year due to obvious reasons.

ESL India Premiership Summers
Entity Gaming (Ribbi, Astarr, Ace, Psy, Excali) // Picture by Pranav ‘PN’ Nalawade – © TalkEsport

Omen by HP® is leading the title for this year’s edition. Followed by HyperX, Redbull, Zowie-BenQ. SoStronk is playing the role of the cornerstone for ESL for their servers. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2 and Clash Royale will be featured in the 2017 edition of the ESL India Premiership. Matches for the second edition will commence from April 26, 2017, and will run across three seasons (Summer, Fall, and Winter) until December 17, 2017.

Focus; strong on comms is the Mantra for ESL Summers Cup.
– Tejas Sawant, Entity Gaming

Taking you straight to the ESL India Premiership Summer finale 2017, the event scheduled with eight top teams qualified from the online leagues.

ESL India Premiership Summers – The teams

The top eight teams which attended the LAN pre-finals were:

  • Shooting Monkeys
  • Risky Gaming
  • Brutality
  • Dare2Dream
  • SemperX
  • Wolf
  • Entity Gaming
  • JMD

Possibly, Risky Gaming will be the tournament favorite for every soul out there, considering their experience. But don’t just yet count out Entity or D2D, they have the potential to beat Risky Gaming at their best! Dare2Dream have beaten Risky Gaming earlier in the previous year when they were playing the ESL India Masters Cup. And the faceoff is similar this year too. What is so special about the Indian side? Entity Gaming’s Tejas ‘Ace’ Sawant says: “We are just going to focus on our own game and we have to be on point in terms of communication if we want to win this game.”

The prize-pool for the Summer finale is set to INR 3,50,000. The first leg of the LAN finals has already been commenced and concluded in the previous 48 hours. Perhaps, three teams have made it to the grand event, scheduled at Pheonix Mall, Kurla, Mumbai.

ESL India Premiership Summers – Dare2Dream avenged

Dare2Dream Shailesh Dalvi // Picture by Pranav ‘PN’ Nalawade – © TalkEsport

The first two teams to get an entry to the grand finals were, of course, Risky Gaming and Entity Gaming. Both the teams stayed at the top of their points stable and remained unbeaten till today. The third team with a little fortune and maximum skill, Dare2Dream qualified to the finals with pride. Initially, D2D had a rather rough start to the tournament where they were minutes late to reporting, leading them to an unfortunate disqualification from the winner brackets. Which forced them to play the game in the lower-bracket.

Despite sailing against the wind, Dare2Dream made it to the finals of the group stages. Now, facing Brutality for the first team, they left no margin for error and made sure their entry into the finals. The intense game failed to complete within the standard regulations, concluded at 19-17 in favor of the youngstars.

Finally. the stage is all set for tomorrow. Three of the possibly best teams of the tournament will be competing for the lion’s share of the prize pool.

Furthermore, Tejas is also bullish on the market growth of esports especially after this edition of the ESL India Premiership Summers. As he says and I quote: “The main event looks pretty good and I think it’s going to be a blast. I am expecting Mumbai gamers will come and support big events like ESL India which helps to promote esports in India :)”

Who do you vouch for now? Zealous Entity Gaming? The dust-devil Risky Gaming? Or the fierce Dare2Dream? Equip the Guru hat and make your predictions!

Pranav Nalawade
Pranav Nalawadehttp://www.talkesport.com
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