Epic Store to offer Star Wars Battlefront 2 for free starting next week

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Epic Games Store’s weekly freebie has become a staple formula for the store to pull in more users to register and stay on the store. In the past, the company had offered many great games including AAA quality games like GTA5, Hitman, Metro, etc for free.

The freebie formula worked wonders for Epic in 2020 and helped the store to cement its position and chip away some users off Steam.

Starting next week, Epic plans to offer DICE’s space shooter Star Wars Battlefront 2 for free to anyone with a registered Epic Games Store account with 2FA security enabled.

Epic will be offering the Celebration Edition of Battlefront 2 for free which features all the post-launch additions, as well as all cosmetic content previously available as in-game purchases, right up to and latest DLC — Rise of Skywalker.

How to enable Epic Games 2FA

  1. In your ACCOUNT Settings, click on the PASSWORD & SECURITY tab to view your security settings.
  2. At the bottom of the page, under the TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION heading, click to ENABLE AUTHENTICATOR APP or ENABLE EMAIL AUTHENTICATION as your two-factor method.

If you prefer to use an authenticator app for two-step verification, here are a few common authenticator apps that can be found in your mobile device app store:

  • Google Authenticator
  • LastPass Authenticator
  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • Authy

Keep your account safe and remember, Epic employees will never ask for your password!

For those unaware of Star Wars Battlefront 2, it is a sequel to the previously released Star Wars Battlefront, a game praised for its combat and graphics, but seriously lacking content. 

At launch, the Star Wars Battlefront 2 was highly appreciated as it came loaded with content and a more fluid combat experience. But the game quickly found itself facing controversy surrounding its predatory pay-to-win monetization and loot box systems.

The monetization system of the game was so bad that even Disney was thinking to revoke EA’s license to publish Star Wars games. 

After facing the much-needed criticism, both EA and DICE ultimately decided to reverse the monetization and dramatically reworked the game’s loot box linked progression system and shifted to cosmetic-only microtransactions instead.

With the monetization reworked the real fluid combat experience came to light and everyone finally appreciated the strengths of DICE’s shooter.

Since then Dice continued to build upon the game and added free content like new multiplayer maps and modes, and ultimately working towards releasing the Rise of Skywalker Free DLC which adds Finn, Rey, and Kylo Ren as heroes and a jungle planet with sequel era locations Takodana, Jakku, and Starkiller Base.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Minimum Requirements

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10
  • Processor (AMD): AMD FX-6350
  • Processor (Intel): Intel Core i5 6600K
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Graphics card (AMD): AMD Radeon™ HD 7850 2GB
  • Graphics card (NVIDIA): NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 660 2GB
  • DirectX: 11.0 Compatible video card or equivalent
  • Online Connection Requirements: 512 KBPS or faster Internet connection
  • Hard-drive space: 55GB

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Recommended Requirements

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10 or later
  • Processor (AMD): AMD FX 8350 Wraith
  • Processor (Intel): Intel Core i7 6700 or equivalent
  • Memory: 16GB RAM
  • Graphics card (AMD): AMD Radeon™ RX 480 4GB
  • Graphics card (NVIDIA): NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1060 3GB
  • DirectX: 11.1 Compatible video card or equivalent
  • Online Connection Requirements: 512 KBPS or faster Internet connection
  • Hard-drive space: 55GB
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