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Entity Gaming make quick work of GTV.Revolution to set up grudge match with Bren

The match started on Mirage, with Entity standing strong on the defence, shutting down Revolution’s attempt to take over the A site. Entity then rushed to a 6-0 lead, thanks to their dominance at Mid, continuously preventing Revolution from taking control of the area along with good individual plays defending the A site, which forced Revolution to take a Tactical Timeout.

The timeout did not seem to have an affect on Entity’s steamroller, with another mid control attempt foiled by the Indian stack. A 3k from Skillz and another shutdown at mid later and Entity raced to a 9-0 lead, showing ominous signs of the match being a one-sided affair. Benny though, had something to say about it, converting a 1v2 afterplant situation with a Mac 10 at A site to put Revolution on the board on Mirage. At 11-2, Rambutan came up big with a 3k to lodge Revolution’s 3rd round for the half, which ended 11-4.

Revolution survived the afterplant in the reverse pistol round and Rambutan followed it up with two 3ks to reduce the deficit to 7 rounds. Entity though, executed a perfect A split at 13-7 to come within 2 rounds of closing the map.

DEATHMAKER ensured Entity reached map point the very next round with a 3k in a B take and another push toward the B site in the following round saw Entity win Revolution’s map pick Mirage with a scoreline of 16-7.

Entity continued to exert their dominance on the server on Overpass. Starting on the T side, Entity raced to a 4-0 lead before Revolution returned fire with 3 rounds of their own. But, Entity were looking to ensure the match doesn’t go the distance as their T side onslaught resumed, with the Indian stack closing out the half 10-5. Entity won the ensuing pistol as well and the following round to race to a 12-5 lead. Revolution showed signs of life with a couple of rounds. But, Entity were resolute in their defence and mirrored the Mirage scoreline, closing out Overpass 16-7.

Entity came out with a similar level of aggression compared to yesterday, only with better co-ordination and backed by more individual confidence against GTV.Revolution.

One of the most bizarre things about Mirage was that both teams had a greater success rate attacking the B site. Revolution though, hardly ever chose to go that route, focusing on A without much success.

The result eliminates GTV.Revolution while Entity now set up their grudge match with Bren Esports in the Group D decider.

Abhisek Bajaj
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