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Why People Engage in CSGO Skins Gambling

Let’s be honest: CS:GO is one of the most successful sports out there, mostly because it knew how to grab people’s attention and keep them invested as time passed. As such, people wanted more from the game, and that’s how CS:GO skins became a thing. But what gained even more traction was CS:GO skins gambling.

A lot of people care about the cosmetic elements in CS:GO, known as skins. They don’t influence the gameplay, but just make particular goods look more beautiful. People even started spending a lot of money on them. In 2016, $5 billion was spent on skins gambling.

What makes people so in love with CS:GO skins and gambling on them? Before you engage in CS:GO skins to see what these skins are all about, let’s look at some of the reasons for this skin gambling addiction.

  1. They’re Beautiful

One of the main reasons why people gamble on CS:GO skins is that, obviously, they’re beautiful. A lot of players begin to care for the aesthetics side of the game, which is why they start being interested in skin gambling.

Spending little money could make someone end up with one of the most gorgeous skins they’ve ever seen. If the player is lucky enough to win something cool, not only they will look good, but their inventory will be complimented as well.

While we’re at that, we should also mention the fact that default weapons are not the best-looking things your eyes will lay upon. They don’t make you look appealing at all, which is opposite compared to a skin. Skins will maintain the effectiveness of the gun, while only changing its outer appearance.

  • They Can Be Pretty Rare

Believe it or not, some skins can be very rare, which is why some people are so eager to try their luck through gambling. Purchasing them could be too much for some people, as not everyone has enough cash for a rare skin. For example, some skins could be as much as $60,000.

A great example of a rare skin is the Dragon Lore skin. People were very crazy over it because it was autographed by Skadoodle, and aside from that, it was looking amazing as well. So, considering how high the price could get, people would rather engage in gambling and see if tables turn in their favor.

  • It Helps Players Express Themselves

Skins allow players to show a part of themselves – that’s why so many people start gambling on them. Just like you try to express yourself through your clothing, musical taste or accessories, CS:GO players can give us an insight into their personality through their skins.

Therefore, the more skins a player has, the better the chances to use the most representative ones are. People may gamble a lot because they are aiming for a particular style of skins. After all, who doesn’t like showing who they are through something they love?

  • To Support CS:GO

People have many reasons to love CS:GO. It could either be because of nostalgia, because of the entertainment it’s able to provide, or because it allowed them to meet friends all over the world.

Whichever the reason is, some of these people want to support CS:GO and do so through skins gambling. Investing in the game is a great way to show support and appreciation for the people who provided you with this game. Of course, this applies to people who are very active in the game, not people who log into it once every full moon.

Not to mention, giving the game money while having the chance to get something nice in return too is even more engaging.

  • To Brag to Others

The world is full of all kinds of people, and people who love to brag are only a part of them. But these people are present in CS:GO too. If you’re a player of the game yourself, you probably saw someone running around, flashing their shiny skin in hopes you will get jealous. That’s just how some people are.

Therefore, they start gambling for CS:GO skins, and if they win a very rare one, they won’t hesitate to show off. People would spend huge amounts of cash on gambling on CS:GO skins if it meant they could brag in front of their enemies after they win.

  • For Trading

Not everyone gambles on skins to keep what they win. In some cases, winning rare skins will make players eager to trade them, or to sell them for real money. You can make an actual profit from skins, hence why some people are so keen on gambling all the time.

The trading process is not too time-consuming, and the fact that they can gain more than they spend makes some individuals very happy. So, this is another reason why they’re addicted to gambling.

  • It Makes Them Feared by Opponents

At first, seeing a player using skins while you’re stuck with your ugly, default weapons will probably make you doubt your chances to win. Someone who invests so much on gambling for skins is probably spending a lot of time in the game too, meaning they could be more experienced and skilled.

Therefore, there are people who purchase skins for the sole purpose of seeming more professional, even though that’s probably not the case.

Final Thoughts

Skin gambling can be really fun if you’re into CS:GO and you are very passionate about it. Given there are so many rare skins, gambling gives you the opportunity to win something that a lot of other players will come to envy. Not to mention, skins look aesthetically pleasing, an added advantage when you see how unappealing default weapons look.

If you want to start gambling on CS:GO skins, one or more of the reasons from above probably apply to you. However, do check for regional regulations in your country before you opt into gambling. As long as you play a lot and don’t waste your money on a game you’re barely opening, you’ll have a lot of fun engaging in this activity.

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